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Symptoms & Causes of 13 Common Eye Problems

Symptoms & Causes of 13 Common Eye Problems

Whether your vision isn’t what it wont to be, or ne'er was that nice, there are stuff you will do to induce your eye health back on course.

See if any of those common issues sound familiar. And continually ask a doctor if your symptoms are extremely unhealthy or don’t clear up among a couple of days


Anyone who reads for hours, works at a pc, or drives long distances is aware of about this one. It happens once you overuse your eyes. They get tired and want to rest, similar to the other a part of your body.

If your eyes feel strained, provide them some time off. If they’re still weary after a number of days, talk to your doctor to create certain it isn’t another problem.

Red Eyes

Your eyes look unhealthy. Why?

Their surface is roofed in blood vessels that expand once they’re irritated or infected. that offers your eyes the red look.

Eyestrain will eff, then will a late night, an absence of sleep, or allergies. If Associate in Nursing injury is that the cause, latch on checked by your doctor.

Red eyes can be a symbol of another status, like rubor (pinkeye) or sun harm from not carrying shades over the years. If over-the-counter eye drops and rest don’t clear it up, see your doctor.

Night vision defect

Is it onerous to check at nighttime, particularly whereas driving? Is it powerful to search out your means around in dark places, like motion picture theaters?

That looks like avitaminosis. It’s a symbol, not a tangle in its title. shortsightedness, cataracts, astigmatism, and an absence of antiophthalmic factor all cause a sort of avitaminosis that doctors will fix.

Some folks square measure born with this drawback, or it'd develop from a disease involving the membrane, which typically can’t be treated. If you've got it, you’ll have to be compelled to be additional careful in areas of low light-weight.

Lazy Eye

Lazy eye, or vision defect, happens once one eye doesn’t develop properly. Vision is weaker in this eye, and it tends to maneuver “lazily” around whereas the opposite eye stays place. It’s found in infants, children, and adults, and barely affects each eyes. Treatment has to be sought-after straightaway for infants and kids.

Lifelong vision issues may be avoided if a lazy eye is detected and treated throughout babyhood. Treatment includes corrective glasses or contact lenses and employing a patch or different ways to form a baby use the lazy eye.

Cross Eyes (Strabismus) and motion

If your eyes aren’t lined up with one another after you explore one thing, you'll have abnormal condition. you would possibly additionally hear it referred to as crossed eyes or walleye.

This drawback won’t depart on its own. generally you'll be able to head to vision medical aid with an eye fixed doctor to assist strengthen the weak eye muscles. Often, you’ll probably have to be compelled to get Associate in Nursing medical specialist, or eye doc specialist, to correct it surgically.You’ll have to be compelled to get Associate in Nursing medical specialist, or eye specialist, to correct it.

With motion, the attention moves or "jiggles" all the time on its own. 

There square measure several treatments, as well as vision medical aid to form your eyes stronger. Surgery is additionally Associate in Nursing possibility. Your doctor can examine your eyes to check that treatment would possibly work best for you.

Color blindness

When you can’t see bound colours, or can’t tell the distinction between them (usually reds and greens), you may be colorblind. It happens once the colour cells in your eye (the doctor will decision them cone cells) are absent or don’t work.

When it’s most severe, you'll solely see in reminder grey, however this is often rare. most of the people who have it are born with it, however you'll cotton on later in life from bound medicine and diseases. Your doctor will tell you what’s answerable. Men are rather more probably to be born with it than ladies.

Your eye doctor will diagnose it with an easy take a look at. There’s no treatment if you’re born with it, however special contacts and glasses will facilitate some people tell the distinction between bound colours.


This is the name for a bunch of diseases that cause inflammation of the body structure. That’s the center layer of the attention that contains most of the blood vessels.

These diseases will destroy eye tissue, and even cause eye loss. people of all ages will have it. Symptoms could get away quickly or last for a protracted time.

People with immune system conditions like AIDS, atrophic arthritis, or ulcerative colitis could also be additional probably to possess redness. Symptoms may include:

  • Blurred vision
  • Eye pain
  • Eye redness
  • Light sensitivity

See your doctor if you have got these symptoms and that they don’t go away at intervals a couple of days. There are completely different varieties of treatment for redness, counting on the kind you have got.


This happens when you lose the flexibility, despite good way vision, to obviously see shut objects and tiny print.

After age 40 roughly, you will ought to hold a book or alternative reading farther far from your eyes to create it easier to read. type of like your arms are too short.

Reading glasses, contact lenses, LASIK, that is optical maser eye surgery, and alternative procedures may be used to restore sensible reading vision.


These are small spots or specks that float across your field of vision. the majority notice them in well-lit rooms or outdoors on a bright day.

Floaters are typically traditional, however they often may be a symbol of a a lot of serious eye problem, like vision defect. That’s once the retina at the rear of your eye separates from the layer beneath. once this happens, you would possibly additionally see light-weight flashes along with the floaters or a dark shadow bump into the sting of your sight.

If you notice a explosive modification in the kind or number of spots or flashes you see or a replacement dark “curtain" in your visual modality, attend your oculist as presently as doable.

Dry Eyes

This happens once your eyes cannot build enough good-quality tears. you would possibly desire one thing is in your eye or like it’s burning. Rarely, in severe cases, extreme dryness will cause some loss of vision. Some treatments include:

Excess Tearing

It has nothing to try and do along with your feelings. you may be sensitive to light-weight, wind, or temperature changes. attempt to shield your eyes by shielding them or carrying dark glasses (go for wraparound frames -- they block additional wind than different types).

Tearing can also signal a additional serious problem, like an eye infection or a blocked lacrimal duct. Your eye doctor will treat or correct each of those conditions.


These are cloudy areas that develop within the eye lens.

A healthy lens is evident sort of a camera's. light-weight passes through it to your retina -- the rear of your eye wherever pictures are processed. once you have a cataract, lightweight cannot get through as simply. 

Cataracts typically type slowly. they do not cause symptoms like pain, redness, or tearing within the eye.

Some keep little and do not have an effect on your sight. If they are doing progress and have an effect on your vision, surgery nearly always works to bring it back.


Your eye is sort of a tire: Some pressure within it's normal and safe. however levels that are too high will injury your nervus opticus. eye disease is that the name for a group of diseases that cause this condition.

A common form is primary open angle eye disease. most of the people who have it don’t have early symptoms or pain. therefore it is important to stay up along with your regular eye exams.

It doesn’t happen often, but glaucoma can be caused by:

  • An injury to the eye
  • Blocked blood vessels
  • Inflammatory disorders of the eye

Treatment includes prescription eye drops or surgery